JBoss Admin; Loc – Gurgaon; Skill Set: Unix Shell scripting, J2EE Applications, JDBC / JMS configuration, JBOSS, troubleshooting;Exp 3-5 years; Start Date : Immediate

Job Title: JBoss Admin

Location – Gurgaon

Basic Qualification: Any Garduation/Post Graduation

Skill Set: Unix Shell scripting, J2EE Applications, JDBC / JMS configuration, JBOSS, troubleshooting;

Relevant Experience: 3-5 years

Job description:

· Administration Of Jboss 6.x, Apache on Windows, Linux (RHEL) and AIX.

· Proficient with JBoss Installation, Java EE architecture, JBoss AS Structure and Architecture

· Proficient in JBoss Standard and Custom Configurations, JMX, JBoss AS services and service definitions

· Configuration of Apache

· Proficient in Java EE Application Structure (Jars, Wars, Ears, Sars), JBoss AS Deployers, Deploying and Redeploying Archives, Deployment Dependencies and Ordering,

· Proficient in Web Container, JNDI, Data sources, JDBC and JMS configuration. Configuring the HTTP, HTTPS, and AJP Connectors, JNDI Client Configuration and JCA.

· Proficient with JMS – Java Message Service, EJB, JMX Invoker Adapter

· Proficient in Troubleshooting Methods To Differentiate Between An Infrastructure Or Environment Problem Vs. A Jboss Or J2EE Application Problem.

· Proficient in Patching Jboss And JAVA JDK/SDK Products On Various Platforms (AIX, RedHat, Windows)

· Proficient with Java EE Security(Authentication, Authorization, Identity, Security Roles, Web App Security Constraints), LDAP login modules, Enabling SSL(HTTPS, RMI Over SSL (EJB usage), Other Uses of SSL), Securing JBoss AS Services

· Proficient with JBoss AS and the Java Virtual Machine (Tuning The Heap (Memory Usage), Garbage Collection (GC) Overview and Generational GC, Tuning GC) and JBoss AS optimization

· Understanding of Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance, State Replication

· Proficient with JBoss AS Clustering and JGroups, Clusture Configuration and Partitions, Clustered Naming.

· Very good in troubleshooting JBoss AS issues, Multicast issues.

· Hands on experience on UNIX (RHEL and AIX), shell scripting.

· Good communication skills.


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