SAP Hybris Convergent Charging

Location – Trivandrum

Total Exp – 6 ~ 8 years
Relevant Exp –  4 ~ 6 Years
Band –  B3
Mandatory Qualification – Btech / MBA
Optional Qualification –  Mtech
SAP Certification  –  Optional
No. Of implementations – Min 1 end to end implementations Convergent Charging, integration with SAP S4 HANA projects.

Mandatory Technical Skills

1. System monitoring

– This person will be responsible for monitoring the full system from an Application point of view and take the required actions. He will be monitoring the following modules:
– CM (Convergent Mediation). Monitoring the PNR’s coming in and take actions in case not processed to the next module.
– Booking store Table. Ageing on the PNR’s came in but could not be processed automatically. This can be Operations related, missing master data, etc.
– CIT (Consumption items). Are all the Consumption items processed for rating? If not, the required actions need to be taken.
– BIT (Billable items). Are all the items billed? If not, the required actions need to be taken.
Billing document-Are all billing document invoiced? If Not, the required action needs to be taken.
invoiced document-Are all the invoiced documents archived? If Not, the required actioned need to be taken.
Are all the archived document required for communication communicated? If not, the required action needs to be taken.
Credit Card file extraction. Are the files created correctly and send out correctly.
GRO (Global reporting file). Is the file created correctly and send out correctly.
FICA > FICO. Are all the FICA postings transferred to FICO?
Partner settlement. Are the technical BS offset accounts in balance (0,-)
This person will work together with someone in Europe. Together they will monitor the full system. The items mentioned above are the ones that are Hybris related. But the rest of the system must be monitored as well. Priority is on the above. Other items to monitor are ALL the incoming interface files if they are processed well.

2. Convergent Charging and Convergent Invoicing plus FICA

This person must be able to customize in Convergent Charging and Convergent Invoicing plus FICA. Preferred is that both have knowledge about all the 3 modules, but minimum 2. Together they must cover all the 3 parts.
Convergent Mediation.
This person must be able to pick up the items that the monitoring function cannot solve. PNR’s that could not be processed due to technical reasons. Those PNRs must be analyzed for further processing. Plus translating new external files to internal formats for further processing.

Mandatory Soft skills

Should have Excellent communication and presentation skills
Should have good attitude and learning desire
Should have created Test scripts, User Manuals and Configuration guides
Should have Good client handling skills
Should be able to manage customer independently
Should be ready to relocate to any location in India or outside India
Should have team building and collaborative working skills

If interested send resume:


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